Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering the Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections as you look to find a new home for your miniatures. Because we want you to understand our donation process, please read the guidelines below:
Upon inquiry of a donation, the Museum may request that the prospective donor send photos and descriptions of the item.   Upon the donation’s acceptance, the Museum will work with the donor to schedule a drop-off of the item, and the donor will fill out a Donation Form.
The Museum accepts donations on two different bases: as items for the Museum’s permanent collection and as items for sale, the proceeds of which will benefit the Museum.
If the item is accepted into the permanent collection, it will be accessioned and stored with the rest of the Museum’s collection until used for display. Please know that your donation will not always be on display, but this does not mean that your donation is any less important to the Museum.  Please also understand that storing and preserving miniatures in our collection is costly, so we cannot select all donations for the permanent collection.
Because it is not feasible to accession every donation into the permanent collection, there is also the option of donating miniatures for sale. When miniatures are donated to the Museum for sale, they are sold at the Museum’s Shop or annual Attic Sale at a reduced price. The sale of these items not only benefits the Museum, it also allows other miniaturists the opportunity to maintain their hobby at an affordable price point.
Should you have any questions about this process or to inquire about a prospective donation, please contact the Museum’s Collection Manager at