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Date: Feb, 14 2018
Time: 12 pm - 1 pm
Celebrations of Creativity and Craftsmanship
Feb, 14 2018
Culture, Events

Pam Newell presents her pastels and oil paintings.
Artist’s Statement: I love to paint from life, in the studio or plein air. There is a richness and substance in a subject that can only be captured by painting from direct experience. Plein air painting has become a passion; but when the weather doesn’t allow I am inspired to paint a still life in the studio, or create a larger painting based on a plein air study. Each painting is a learning adventure leading me to look forward to the next blank surface waiting for my brush or pastel.

My challenge is to suffuse my paintings with light and express my feelings about the subject within the limits of that ever-changing light.

I strive to describe only the essence of a subject leaving out unnecessary details. I want the painting to convey a mood and sense of place, and allow the viewer to insert their own experience and complete the story. I choose to be painterly and have my paintings reflect the mark of my hand – showing brushstrokes or pastel marks. My goal is to uplift the spirit and reflect the beauty I find all around.

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