Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers to work at the museum. Each month this is the highest on our priority list. Usually, a volunteer docent works one or two regular days each month. Weekdays and Saturdays are 5 hours long and Sundays are 3 hours long. Docents greet guests, and provide information on exhibits as needed. They also sell in the shop. Some docents enjoy working paired with a friend. Training is available.

Guides for special tours. When a tour of more than 10 adults is scheduled (or smaller groups of children), we like to give the docent on duty extra help. Usually this means a time commitment of two hours or so, and can come at various times of the day.

Help for Community Events. The Museum tries to participate in as many community events as possible. Usually these events come in the evening or on weekends and involve a “shift” of two to four hours.

Cleaning and Rehab of exhibits. This work is sometimes done at the Museum and sometimes at the volunteer’s home. When the Museum is closed we try to dust and repair all of the “permanent” exhibits. This can happen whenever the volunteer is available. In addition we sometimes receive donated exhibits that need some refurbishing. These usually are taken home with the volunteer and are worked on at the volunteer’s convenience.

Benefits of Volunteering with the Museum

  • Be around happy people!
  • Meet new people!
  • Make a positive impact to Carmel’s cultural community!
  • Help us provide excellent visitor experience!
  • Be valued for your contribution!
  • Immerse yourself in creativity and craftsmanship!
  • Enhance your own life!
  • 10% discount at our shop for docents!


Volunteer Form