A most popular activity — our scavenger hunts
Apr, 24 2019

Did you know that the Museum offers three types of scavenger hunts to help our visitors navigate the thousands of items we have on display? They all have questions about displays in each of our seven rooms.

The Treasure Hunt for Older Explorers contains written questions on each of the rooms. (There’s no stress; answers are on the back!). We find that many of our adult visitors ask for one of these, too.

The Treasure Hunt for Younger Explorers is similar to that for the Older Explorers, except that each written question also contains a picture of the object to which it refers. For example, “Where is the raccoon hiding outside of the California Contemporary house?” has a picture of a raccoon. Easy, right? This is what the California Contemporary house looks like, by the way.

Finally, we offer a Treasure Hunt for Tots where our youngest visitors find what is pictured. No written questions.

All children who finish a Treasure Hunt gets to claim a treat in the museum’s gift shop.

Make sure you ask for a Treasure Hunt on your next visit. See you soon.