Dollhouses are perfect gifts for the holidays
Nov, 15 2017

Want a wonderful gift for someone special this holiday season?  Shop at the Museum.  We have many completed dollhouses and a kit for sale at substantially discounted prices and to fit all budgets.

  • 7-room Dollhouse built by an architect.  Already electrified! (Some furniture included.)  Painted a beautiful purple with pink trim. 2 ft. 2. in. Wide x 3 ft. 3 in. Tall x 20.5 in. Deep.  $100.00
  • Tin Marx Disney House with Garage.  Disney character images on walls and furniture.  Collector’s item.  25 in. Wide x 16.25 in. Tall x 9.5 in. Deep.  Best offer accepted.
  • 1942 Rich Dollhouse.  2 ft. Wide x 19 in. Tall x 13.5 in. Deep.  $75.00
  • Rustic Log Cabin.  25 in. Wide x 19 in. Tall x 16 in. Deep.  Some furniture is included.  Very sturdy construction.  $35.00
  • General Store Kit.  Kit includes two walls of shelves, counter and ladder, Victorian molding, clear acrylic windows and sliding top, and an assortment of miniature items such as a barrel, bottles, and orange crates. 15.25 in. Wide x 11.25 in. Tall x 10.75 in. Deep.  $25.00
  • Market.  Lots of detail.  Everything is glued down but items can be removed by using a blow dryer to soften the glue.  23.25 in. Wide x 20 in. Tall x 16.5 Deep.  $65.00
  • Castle Fortress.  Closed: 17.5 in. Wide x 12.5 in. Tall x 15.75 in. Deep.  Open: 3 ft. 3 in. Wide. $40.00
  • 10-room Dollhouse.  This lovely house, built from a Thornhill kit, is mostly finished.  (Just needs to have the windows put in place.)  It has wood floors, wallpaper, and gorgeous decorative wall panels in one of the rooms.  The original kit cost $760.   The finished price was $1,600.  Our sale price is $500.00

    1942 Dollhouse

    Disney house bathroom

    Disney house living room

    1942 Dollhouse

    Disney house baby room

    Castle Fortress

    Disney House open side

    General store kit

    Log Cabin front

    Log Cabin interior

    Purple house front


    Store second floor



    Purple house rear