Photo Project Is Finished
Nov, 10 2020

One advantage of being forced to close to visitors yet still being able to retain staff was that we could complete The Photo Project.  This was a massive endeavor wherein our Collection Manager, Caitlin Rogers, sought to photograph or re-photograph in high resolution thousands of items in our permanent collection.  The reason for doing so is that only high-resolution photographs display properly on social media, which has become a major communication vehicle for the museum.

For example, Bea and Harold Abbott gave the museum more than 400 miniature items, including pieces that they made themselves. Although those items were photographed many years ago, high resolution images of them were not available due to two main reasons: 1) original images were not digital to begin with and therefore were in second or third generation and 2) if they were stored in our PastPerfect database, they were solely for reference use because the database can only accommodate low resolution images due to the enormity of the file sizes.  

Approximately 5,000 new images have been tagged, sorted and catalogued.  One way that they are already being used is for Our Virtual Gallery, which we started on a daily basis back in May and transitioned to two or three times a week schedule.  We showcase miniature works that are themed according to topic, artist, or type.  To date, we have posted 134 of these. Our Virtual Gallery is posted on the Permanent Exhibits section on the Exhibits page of our website,

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