See Our New Room Lighting
Mar, 19 2019

Thanks to a Heritage Support Grant from the Indiana Historical Society, our exhibit rooms look fresher, more professional, and more focused on the displays themselves than ever before. This is because of a room lighting project in six of the seven rooms in the building. Previously, the rooms had insufficient ceiling lighting and appeared dark. Also, the track lights we had were not easily adjustable so that shadows formed and marred the visitor experience.

The grant allowed track light strips to be added to each room so that the ceiling tracks formed a square of four tracks instead of the previous two parallel rows of tracks. This enables us to have more control in the direction of the light. Also, LED lamps were installed into the new canisters placed on those track light strips.

Heritage Support Grants are provided by the Indiana Historical Society and made possible by Lilly Endowment Inc.

Some samples of the new lighting are below.