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Teapots, etc

Five artists shared a similar interest: Teapots. Teapots, Etc. is the Museum of Miniature Houses’ ode to the art and creativity of teapots and accessories. Pieces range from minuscule sets to life size paper clay pieces filled with miniature scenes. In addition to highlighting beautiful, quirky, and downright amusing teapots, Teapots, Etc. shows the creativity and imagination of a miniaturist.

This “life-size” teapot may look real but is made from paper clay. Decorated by artist Linda Farris, the interiors were furnished by museum co-founder Suzie Moffett. Notice the beautiful detail to the teapot, and the complementary color coordination and matching theme of the interior. It goes to show you what artists can create when working together.

The Rose Tree Cottage and the cabinet of “Tea-ish” items were both created by artist Selena Ferguson. Notice the interior decorations of the cottage. Miniaturists go above and beyond to create realistic settings. The cabinet of “Tea-ish” items contains delicate pieces, portraying different settings. Miniatures don’t have to be in just houses; they can be built into anything and be in any size.

This green teapot is known as a Reverse Flowing Pot and the lid is not removeable. The bottom of the pot has a hole and when it’s turned right side up an inverted funnel keeps the tea from spilling out.

Embellishments to the display were provided by Marilyn Schaefer and Suzie Moffett, who also added items from the Museum’s Collection. These teapot displays contains delicate porcelain tea services in various settings.

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